Reading for April Myrick - June 7, 2012

Norma Milanovich

“We already have THE LEGIONS OF LIGHT around us, they are already positioned, and I already know that this reading will be situated on the 6th dimension of time/space; that has already been recorded in the future annals of history. The first thing that is being shown to me is a freeway, it looks like an autobahn in Europe, and this freeway interestingly enough, depending upon which direction you look at it, it goes off in all directions almost like 360° in every direction crossing the center point of a circle, and in other words, it’s like a "magical thing". They are going to start describing some props. I don’t know what these props mean, but in the course of the reading, they will be bringing them in, weaving them in, and at that point just listen to the descriptions now, because at that point is when they’ll make sense. So the first thing we have then is this circle, if you will, but it is like a freeway, and there is like 360 freeways going through this circle. The second thing that I see is your—this reading is going to take place in an arena, and it‘s flooded with a pink energy, and it is also flooded with a blue energy. It is like oil and water, you know, one stratum is pink and the other stratum is blue, so put that on the shelf too. A next thing is as if this floor is checkered. It looks like a checkerboard; it’s got black and white on it, not different colors; but it’s black and white like the Masons, the Free Masons with—that’s part of their symbolism that represents journeys from one dimension to another, that the Freemasons used in their ceremonies; and things like that, and the last thing that I see is: there are a lot of animals that are present, and um they’re coming from all over the world you know so, they are representative of the animals found in Africa, in Australia, in the United States and North America, etc., and that’s how I know about that right now; so I think the props that are going to be used, are pretty much recorded now.

In the 6th dimension the Masters are beginning to speak in the voice of Oneness first, before they come through, and this is like a prerequisite. They are telling you that in the 6th dimension; what the most important thing that that dimension brings in the stepdown process to the Earth, is theory. It is primarily based on scientific theory; but in the higher dimensions of time/space—science is not what it is, that we know it to be on Earth. In the 5th dimension, that is ruled by the mind, the thought, by the Light, by the energy then that supports all of that; but in the 6th dimension, it is almost as though it is pure thought, it is pure invention, it is pure cosmic creation; but it’s more than that, it’s the theory behind it, like the science behind it; and the reason that they have set this up for you is, because right now in your particular journey, you have already completed the curriculum of Earth, and this is why you are struggling; because you do not understand what more can you do, what more can you use, how can you literally begin to fight greater powers, greater forces that are coming into the Earth right now; because you’re still stuck in the 3rd and the 4th curriculum, in the dimensions that provide those challenges to the souls on Earth at this time. So they bring you into an arena today; and they are telling you that over the next 7 days of time, they’re going to not take your higher three bodies of the nine bodies that you command, but they are going to actually take three of your bodies—your 3rd, your 6th, and your 9th, and literally pull them out of the 3, the triads that comprises your own monad; and they’re going to be working with you on this 6th dimensional level, in the dream state to be able to reprogram you, and connect you to the theoretical base, that not only comes from the 6th dimension; but is registered in your soul as a resident of Alpha Centauri. This is why, on the Earth plane, once you see something you get it instantly; because Alpha Centaurian souls all do that. This is why you know how to apply things; however, your weakness often used and can be in this lifetime, is literally how to take the theories and literally integrate them into something practical down on the Earth plane, way on the 3rd dimension; and make them workable, make them practical, so that whatever it is that you need to accomplish on the Earth plane, it is done As Above- So Below; As In Heaven- So On Earth.

Now, one of the things that you can be doing in the months and years to come is to find souls from Sirius. The Masters are saying it is the souls from Sirius that built Egypt; they built the Pyramids; they were the master architects; they understood the sacred geometry; they understood all of these things; but the concept comes in from Alpha Centaurians, because they hold the dream, they hold the vision, they hold—and in the theoretical framework that is the construct of their brain, they literally are able to hold this dream alive until the others who have the job to create it can take that dream, take the theory, and understand automatically, the practicality of how to put the pieces in place. Therefore the pyramids in the entire infrastructure of the pyramid’s connection to the Milky Way, to the Cosmos, to all the streams of consciousness that scientists are finding today that are so perfect—everything from the shaft moving towards Orian, and understanding all of the sacred geometrical angles, and everything that hit a certain part of the Universe; or the sun rises and touches a certain brick at a certain time of the year, and it is just done to such precision. All of that is done by souls who come from other parts of the Universe who have the skills; but they would not be able to do their job if the Alpha Centaurians weren’t here to hold the vision, to be able to capture this from that higher stand point of the theory which comes natural to their souls; and then translated to others, who are like the worker bees, who then have the constructs in their minds; and they are then able to move the creations into some kind of form that um, that is logical, that is usable, and practicable; and it actually changes the lives of the people on Earth. What has happened, they are saying to you today, is that as you have moved from the 3rd to the 4th dimension, um and as the battles have increased, and have intensified on the Earth plane, as we’re moving through the 7 Battles of Armageddon, the vibrational frequency of the Earth, as it’s moving into the portal into the Age of Aquarius, literally has shifted, and is becoming higher; therefore we are in more intense arenas, we are in battlegrounds, if you will, that are much more powerful, they are much more extreme, because the vibrational frequency of the Earth moving into the 5th dimension now supports those. Thus yours and my lights, and the light of all the lightworkers needs to be stronger to be able to, not only assimilate the entire knowledge; but also to be able to take this knowledge and keep it a level playing field. So you being from Alpha Centauri, having the theory, but moving from the 3rd into the 4th, and now into the 5th dimension; literally you have lost some of your connections; but you really haven’t. All you have forgotten momentarily is that some of it isn’t your job to literally be able to take the higher level theorems and the theories that are coming through, that hold the keys to that which needs to be done on every single dimension of time/space;—and what you have done, is that you are being bombarded with a rapid acceleration at this time, which ultimately has gotten your lower bodies a little out of sync, and with your lower bodies out of sync, you’ve not been able to synthesize, and take the knowledge that comes so easy for you; and bring it down through the spinal column, through the DNA, and ultimately move into your pineal gland where little by little it is like intravaneous feeding, where it begins to come forth for your examination at the right timing, at the right speed. One of the things also that has happened, which is related to the 3rd dimension, is your channel seems to be cut off; and it has been cut off, this aspect of it has been, in that your DNA, in creating the 13th strand so that you can reconnect back to the God Force, back to the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th dimensions with more ease and grace. Literally there are a lot of ways on the Earth plane that the Forces of Darkness are using DNA snippers, and they literally—it’s like trimming a bush that as soon as a flower or leaf starts to grow, it’s trimmed, it’s snipped, and then it’s duplicated. Two of them will grow, and then it’s snipped again, and the two become four, and ultimately instead of one strong branch, like that from a tree or the trunk of a tree growing strong, it continues to diminish the power; and stop this advancement of the 13th strand of DNA in your own auric field and in your own body. Now there are many ways that the Forces of Darkness are doing this.

One is, they are placing enzymes in certain fruits and vegetables on the Earth plane today that automatically, once they are consumed in the body, begin to snip the DNA, and ultimately cause it to shrink, and cause it to—not to be so strong; and literally the intent is to disconnect the person from that agenda, and the light codes that are prevalent in the higher dimensions. The more of these that can be snipped, the less likely there is that this person will achieve their full advancement into the higher planes of consciousness; and you are being guided by the Masters today to really, really look at everything you’re putting into your body, and ultimately try to only put Organic vegetables and fruits in your body, and to be very, very careful of the chemicals in anything else that you are imbibing, to make sure that these DNA snippers are not in your own um physical body, and, and you know it is like the drip system, you know where they’re slowly working every time you make an advancement. You imbibe something, and then it just does what it is designed to do, and it snips the DNA. Now the other ways in which this is being done, are the new airport scanners that x-ray the bodies. As soon as that picture is taken, there is an energetic, they are saying, in those scanners that ultimately do the same thing; and there are other ways as well, that are harder to detect, because they are getting more and more sophisticated, because the Forces of Darkness know that if an individual can stay retarded, if you will, and constantly being held back from this 13th strand reaching the higher cosmos, and the Temples of Light, and the Keys and Codes on the higher dimensions, that are needed, well, I mean "Duh", you reach a situation where um it is going to take that person longer to move into their power.

Now the Masters are saying to you that if you should begin to watch, even more closely, that what you put into your body; you are going to find that soon this strength of the strands of the DNA, especially in your auric field, are going to begin to grow very strong, even at an accelerated pace. You’re even going to find that by shifting these, and not going through any airport scanner at all, because this is one of the reasons they are moving quickly to get them in every airport, because so many people will ride or flying these days, and it’s another way to keep the consciousness of the people down; that the more you can solve your own problems, and get stronger on a constitutional basis, the Masters are going to begin to work with you now; and over the next 120 days, by you giving them a really good channel of light from the inside, they’re going to begin to work with you in the dream-state; and they’re going to begin to assist you to strengthen that 13th strand of DNA, and not allow it, if you will, to become damaged in any way, and all you need is like 120 days of, like a real good growing period, and it will be so strong that the mechanisms in place now will not be able to touch it. This is one of the reasons why you are feeling disconnected at this time; but as you go further now, it is not only important that you tend to this; but you work with the Masters in the dream state at night; and Master Kathumi is the primary one, and Hilarion will be coming in to join you to literally, also strengthen the pineal gland within your mind.

They have given you these two frequencies of pink, and this is what we call El Morya blue, this really deep indigo blue, because what has happened to you over the last year or so, is that in feeling you are disconnected, because you were becoming disconnected with the acceleration of the Earth and um; and then what they just described about the DNA and all, that now you need more pink energy, because pink is the color of self-love. This is what will build your momentum, this is what will build a stronger connection to the God Force, so they today, in this 6th dimensional frequency—half of this is all pink, it’s like you’re in a sea of water, in a sea of pink water, and um you can’t move without touching this pink energy, so they place you—they create a Flower of Life symbol, and they place you—these 3 bodies that they have hand selected from your nine, and you stand now in the center of this arena, and they place you in the center of the Flower of Life. This pink energy now, like a magnet, is drawn into this Flower of Life, and as it is, what is so fascinating about it is, that you and the Flower of Life now, are becoming one. You can do this because you have already mastered the theoretical basis for the 6th dimension, and its connection to your higher mind.

Because you understand sacred geometry, and because you understand the perfection of God’s Universe and how it is created, you then—now are being allowed to imbibe this pink energy into your entire auric field, and then instant healing is taking place, in other words, the self doubts and all things that are accompanying you on this journey, no longer have to be there; because you now understand that you momentarily, literally got into a little hiccup; you got into a bump in the road kind of thing; you’ve stumbled a little bit, but the power of your soul is coming back fast. This pink energy will heal you over the 7 days. It will heal all your lower bodies if you will allow it to, and by bringing it into the pineal gland behind your third eye, you then will begin also, to heal the third eye which is going to assist you in creating this stronger strand of the 13th strand of DNA, that will begin to grow very rapidly with the help of Hilarion and Master Kathumi. That El Morya blue is sent to you to strengthen the third eye. You will not be using that tone of A or the frequency that accompanies that until after the healing with the pink ray is complete. Once the 7 days pass, then you will begin to merge with this El Morya blue, this indigo blue, and the tone of A then will begin to reconnect you to Alpha Centauri, to the 6th dimension, and to all the Beings of Light who will be there ready to serve you, to bring you back to stability once again.

The other thing that is so um prevalent for you now, is that you are standing on this checkerboard platform, in this attunement that you are going through today, you stand on the Flower of Life over this black and white squared flooring, and this is indicating to you, that over the next 120 days you will have an equal number of days where you are healing, and that will be matched with an equal number of days when they will be downloading, into your pineal gland, the Universal Language of Light Codes that will provide to you the necessary steps, the rules, and the laws on "how to battle" The Forces of Darkness on the Higher Planes and Dimensions. Because you have momentarily lost your way due to that which is already been described, you then will be moving at this accelerated pace, and what might seem like a half a day to you, will actually be a full day on the etheric; but time will be speeding up, and it will actually go faster than the Hertz Cycle on the planet which is also speeding up to make that perfect alignment, as the Earth crosses the Celestial Equator in the months to come. Therefore, one body from each of your three will then be combined into one, which is then going to be merged with your own oversoul, which is a segment of the Adam Kadmon oversoul, or the perfected human being, and the personification of what Sananda Jesus The Christ was able to achieve in embodiment 2000 years ago. You are destined, over the next 6 months to be merged with that segment of the Adam Kadmon as soon as this healing process is complete, and that 13th strand of DNA is strong enough to stand on its own. Once this process is completed, what will happen then, is that you will be reconnected to the Elohim in the Universe, The Creators, if you will, and these Beings of Light then, who work directly for the Great Divine Director, will then be facilitating a re-organization of The Divine Plan that must be set on the 5th dimension, not the 6th.

You are being brought today into the 6th dimension to receive your attunement, so your vibrations will be higher than the 5th dimension where you must Serve. Therefore, with the Mighty Elohim, they will then reprogram your higher aspect of your soul, and in so doing, you will receive a segment of the Battle Plan that must come into play by the end of this year. It is not that you will not have enough time to understand this plan, because it will be easy to understand once it is assimilated into your newly constructed pineal gland. You must watch your chakra system; the 7 basic colors, the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Make sure that every chakra is spinning in the perfect clockwise direction at all times, and once you do this, you then will be the personification of the auric field of Sananda Jesus The Christ. You have served with Him in many lifetimes, and you have returned to Earth at this time to: "help prepare the way for His return".

You are now moving, literally, at the "speed of light"; but as you recognize who and what you are on the earth plane, you literally feel some days as though you are moving in slow motion. Once this attunement and this activation, over the next few months, is complete, you will find that your new knowledge will be turned into decrees. You will then be guided to write the decrees connected to God The Father, and in so doing, you then will be able to Command a position of decreeing three times, letting the power of the sound, and the power of the spoken word create the strategies that will be necessary to defeat the higher Dark Forces, and the Dark Powers that are preparing now to come into the Earth plane to challenge, even more, the lightworkers on the planet during chaotic times. This is when they do their best work, for it is often difficult for an individual to control both their mental and their emotional bodies at the time of strife, or the time of challenge. When an individual is prepared with a Higher Plan, and the Strategy is clear in his or her mind, that individual then is prepared to work on all levels of Creation with the God Force; because if they move from one dimension to the next, they do not stir up or cause ripples in the etheric fields of these different dimensional fields, and the space between the dimensions of time/space.

Those that stay the calmest are those who can access all worlds simultaneously, and in your case, you then will be tested several times to make sure that you are able to hold a perfected state of body/mind/soul—emotionally and mentally, as you go forward under any circumstances that you will be confronted with. It is a very important time of your life right now, for you had to wait until this timing to be mature enough to not only understand what is going to happen to you; but to also be strong enough to be able to handle the vibrational rifts that will come through you like explosive sound waves, and their reverberations as they go through your nine bodies. Your Commander Soul has done this at the time when Atlantis fell for the 3rd time, the final cataclysm of Atlantis. You are skilled in this endeavor. You have not only performed in other dimensions and in other lifetimes; but you have always performed with excellence. This is why you are hand selected by Melchizedek to fulfill this role; but you learning and receiving this next segment of the Divine Plan, and the Battle Strategies is only ½ of your mission.

The second half, which is even the most important, and is done more out of body, and in your astral projective state of consciousness; you will then begin to train 144 other leaders on the etheric as soon as you get the information, and it becomes clear to you. A part of the decrees that you will be asked to create, when the timing is correct, will include the perfection of this training program, as you work with this leadership pool on the Earth plane, and train them through the higher selves of each individual. This must be done with perfection, and it must be done with precision, for each of these 144 lightworkers controls an Intersection on the Christ Consciousness Grid. In that position of power, they must maintain, like pillars of light, their frequencies at all times, even when chaos comes down upon the Earth. So you not only must teach them and remind them on how to hold this vibrational field under all circumstances; but you must also then be conscious, and feed them the new plan and battle strategies for holding back The Forces, The Powers of Darkness, that are about to descend on the planet. There are only a few instances, so far, of these forces coming through and bleeding through the "interdimensional web" that is presently on board, and created by the lightworkers; but this is destined to get even worse for the lightworkers, and this group will be dependent on you to hold "the first line of defense" by December 21, 2012. This is a critical assignment which is why you have come to this Channel today to understand the significance of the work that you must complete, with excellence, over the next 6 months of time. In this modality, you will also be positioned, in the dream state, to work with Hilarion and Kathumi to complete your own healing process. There can be no room for error. You must meditate and reconnect to your own Atlantian oversoul, and you must merge with this Atlantian oversoul in 9 days from today. This is an accelerated program, but it is through that connection, and that matrix merging with yours, that you will be positioned and strengthened to be able to receive this other part of the plan that is coming in from the Mighty Elohim, and sanctioned by Melchizedek. In your own development you must understand that this is the hardest assignment that you will ever have had in this lifetime. It has always been the hardest part of the job. You are in a transitionary period. You have literally been Cut Down, if you will, but every single time you have been reminded, and the information comes through in every lifetime, in the past when you have fulfilled this mission; you have rebounded with extraordinary speed. You have reconnected to the higher channels, because the knowledge helps you understand what it is that you must do to move forward with ease and grace. You have never let The Hierarchy down, and Sananda Jesus The Christ has selected you above all souls that have come to Earth from other areas of the Universe to complete this job. Expect the next 6 months to be very difficult for you, knowing that anytime something occurs that has a rippling effect, it could reverberate at an exaggerated rate through your lower bodies, and ultimately cause you great mental or emotional discomfort; but you, unlike other lightworkers—and listen carefully they are saying to this, you do not have the option of a mistake. This is something that you know on a very deep soul level.

Any mistake that you make in this healing process, in receiving the codes to the Universal Language of Light, can and probably will result in a "Huge Blowout" of the Christ Consciousness Grid. You have faced this responsibility before, and you have never failed. They repeat again, in 9 days you must merge with your old Atlantian oversoul, that has the perfection of how to do everything over the next 6 months. You must do this during meditation. You must do this at all odds in your favor, and make sure that you do not make one mistake. Failure is not an option. There is no replacement for you to complete this job, in this mission, at this time.

Your SON has crossed over in preparation for helping you. You asked what you can do for him. You must allow him, along with the other members of the Hierarchy, literally to assist you at this time. Your strength will come from your connection to God, your connection to Sananda Jesus The Christ. Hold on to that stream of light, hold on to that stream of consciousness; when in doubt go conservative; when in doubt do not move, do not allow your mental or your emotional bodies to get out of control at any time from now until December 21. Breathe deeply. Bring the golden light in, through and around you at all times. Blast your field with a violet flame. Follow that which you receive in instruction every moment of every day; and know that in so doing, in following that instruction, that you will serve in your highest capacity, and you cannot err. If you need assistance, you are not to call upon Master El Morya who will help you with discipline & will, because your discipline & will is already strong. You are to call upon Master Hilarion, The Master Physician in this Parsec of the Universe. He will be there with you, literally to tune you up, to redo every single thing in your body, let him do his work, surrender to that aspect, and literally keep allowing this partnership, from one dimension to the other, to take its place around, in and through your auric field.

The Ascended realms are sending you the animal kingdom to literally assist you. There is no other kingdom, not the elemental, not the angelic kingdom, not the human kingdom, not the plant and vegetable kingdom that can help you as much as the animal kingdom. You are to remember, that even in your biology chart, the human is placed on top of the animal kingdom. This is because, by God, you have been given the brain. You have been given the intelligence to rule, where every single animal, on the other hand, has perfected one trait, only one trait, and they are perfect at it; but because you rule, because we are in a oneness concept where everything is interconnected in the light, you then are interconnected to every single animal on that chart that falls below you, thus you have been given the rulership, you are the leader of that kingdom, but you are not realized yet, you are not self-realized yet, because of the stumbling blocks that have been placed in your way in the past. You are to understand that there is one trait in each animal that literally rules. If you need more gentleness, you do not have to practice to calm the vibrational waves going through you, instead you call upon the deer, because deer stands for gentleness. It has already mastered that, and you and the deer are one. You rule the deer, you do not have to learn gentleness, you call the deer into you and instantly like a shaman, you will become that deer. If you need the courage, you call upon the lion. You bring the lion into you because it has already understood courage. It has already mastered it. You do not need to go to school. You do not need to be reinforced. The lion will bring it to your heart and to your soul. If you need stamina, you call upon the elk. The elk will bring this to you. If you need joy, you call upon the hummingbird. If you need to understand playfulness, you bring in the otter. If you need to have a vision, then call in the giraffe and look through the eyes. If you need to see the vision and the prophecy for tomorrow, soar with the eagle, let the eagle be your eyes, see and look into the future, for in your third eye, you will have the vision of the eagle. You rule that kingdom, but you are not self-realized yet. There is nothing you need on the Earth plane, but that kingdom and understanding that the trait in each one is already perfected, and you and that animal are one. It is not coincidental that England has been ruled by the lion forever. This is its mascot shown on all of its banners and its flags; and yet that small island, on the entire globe surface, has ruled the world. They ruled India, they ruled Africa, they ruled the United States, they ruled Canada, they ruled Australia. Why? Because the lion rules, and it is the lion, not the people of England who have captured this world. It is not coincidental that the United States has always been the visionary for the world, always having everything first, and the dreams coming into manifestation, and the reason why it is, because it is ruled by the eagle. It is not coincidental that every major force on this planet has tried to conquer Russia—Napolean has tried, Hitler has tried, Gangis Khan has tried, and no one has conquered that continent, because it is ruled by the bear. It is the animal kingdom that rules, and you will need the animal kingdom to go forward in your journey at this time, to be able to have the strength, and every single characteristic of a leader that you will need in your personification to be able to assume that role. Therefore, in this 6th dimensional arena, they bring you the animals of the entire world. You can pick and choose; but there should be nothing in your constitution that should cause you to have self doubt. Whatever is there, whatever you have or fear, just know that you need to call upon that lion. You need to call upon that animal, bring it and merge it with you, and it is there to serve you, because God has made you the ruler of this kingdom. Again you are only not realized yet in this role. Finally the animal that is on Earth at this time, that literally will be the animal that will take out all the Forces of Darkness in the end, will be the Rhinoceros. You do not understand the power of this kingdom yet, the shaman do, but you do not. It will be up to you now to begin to work with that Rhinoceros, and know that the tiger is like the knight at its side. Begin to meditate with these animals. Let them teach you what it is that they know, for they will play the key role in the final battles of The Battle of Armageddon, but that is a tale for another time.
Now as you go forward, you must understand that your role is "critical". You must understand that there is a timing mechanism connected to your role. You must meditate on a daily basis, and you must not allow other things to interfere with your own soul’s journey. Give this 6 months to the Creator. Stop everything else in your life. Do what you do best. Begin to work with your remote viewing skills, and the astral projections. Let your newly built soul lead you now to your destiny, and it will be so; and at this time the sacred geometric symbol of the Flower of Life begins to close up around you, that 6 fold petal now begins to encircle around you. A Vesica Pisces, now is formed, and this energetic, literally, begins to consume all of the things in this arena that have been presented here for you. That freeway system, the 360° is symbolic, that over the next 6 months your journey is destined to be the precursor, and there will be a moment, a moment in time that you complete this mission, when you will Rule the World. It will be a brief moment of time. It will be like a victory that a General will perform on a Battlefield, that ultimately changes the destiny of the whole world; but remember that all Glory is fleeting; but that is to tell you that you will have power in 360° around that circle, and that point is coming up, and then it will fade.

You must prepare your soul for this assignment. Work directly with Sananda Jesus The Christ, work directly with His Father who is also your Father, and these Masters who have come forth to provide to you the tools and techniques that you will need to succeed. Melchizedak will oversee this mission. If you have any points of clarity that you need to find, or you need to have clarification on, you are to go directly to him. That is the only reason why, over the next 6 months, you would report or connect to him, and at this point now, everything in this arena is beginning to swirl, the colors, the sacred geometry, the energetics, everything now is beginning to move at a centrifugal force, spinning and spinning and spinning—its literally melting those 3 bodies of yours together, it’s like melted gold or liquid iron or steel, and all these things—animals, masters, angelic kingdom, everybody who was here to witness this are now pleased. They know who you are, they know what you have done, and they know what you will do again; and therefore this attunement, and this reading, at this point, is now complete, and they close it with: So Be It,- So It Is,- So Mote It Be,- and It Is Done; and now all that is left is the Hertz Frequency for this planet. It is like a universal hum, The Sound of Creation itself, and that is what I’m left with.”

Norma (Transcibed by Susan Patton - Executive Secretary)