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Akashic Record / Soul Clearing and Recoding

Galactic History and Soul Status [PDF]

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The Sedona Journal of Emergence

Channeled by Dr. Norma Milanovich of the Athena Leadership Center; June 7, 2012. Norma is also a well-known author and lecturer.
This Channeling is from Five Ascended Masters:

1) Master Kathumi
2) Master Hilarion
3) Master Melchizedak
4) Master El Morya
5) Master Sananda Jesus The Christ


My Work Today as Seen in "The Sedona Journal of Emergence"

I AM April Myrick, a member of an elite group of "The Forces Of Light" who were Sanctioned prior to incarnation, and Charged with the restoration and anchoring of Love, Light & Power in the Earth, and in it's people. Our path is that of the Christian Mystic who can call forth "Light" in the face of literally no evidence of it's existence.

We are in the process of re-birthing our full Christ Consciousness; and are trained to guide others who are preparing for this "Initiation". There are certain blocks/implants that the Lightworkers accepted until the time is right to awaken; and there are dark force blocks that must be overcome or removed. It is now time to clear & awaken! I AM offering my help to do both, and to assist you in the restoration of your spiritual gifts, after forty one years of Spiritual Studies. I will petition, read & dowse your Akashic Records/Book Of Life, and locate the blocks in your soul; subtle bodies; energy centers; & energy field; as well as in your physical and spiritual DNA, of your earth-family & soul-family.

Together, we will look at your guides, masters, teachers, angels & counsels of light on the inner planes, and make sure they are of 100% pure Love, Light & Truth. Your Oversoul & Monad will be checked for perfect alignment with Creator's "Divine Plan" for the newest Timeline & all future Timelines. Your "I Am Presence", your Monad, & Oversoul are guiding forces for you, and may need some realignment with your Earth Self, at your request. All of these upgrades depend on your soul's experiences; your soul-group & the dimensions they work in. You will be making the requests with me, once we do the analysis through "Reading" your Records in Creator's Hall Of Records; and by "Dowsing" the numbers & percentages required to form a proper prayer request to Our Creator.

We do it this way so that the changes can be made in your Records & therefore in you; and can never be reversed. ("As Above So Below".) Use the chart included here to analyze as we Co-Create In The Name Of The Highest! Note: *I am offering all Spiritual Facilitators, in The Sedona Journal of Emergence, a Complimentary Session. Be sure to review the Channeled Messages to me from Five Masters Of Light by Author Norma Milanovich.

Read April's channeling from Norma here:

In Love, Light & Power, April

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Akashic Record / Soul Clearing

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