April Myrick's Testimonials

Recommendation For April Myrick:

April Myrick is a reflecting mirror to the soul's needs and progress both on earth and interdimensionally. Her insight, accuracy and compassion are profound. Her willingness and ability to help me through transitions, that many others before her fled from in fear or accusations, are nothing less than heroic.

April has proven to be a very dear, caring and immensely helpful friend of myself and of all souls willing to make an earnest effort for positive transition and spiritual growth.

Laurie AJ
Three Rivers, Ca 93271


To whom it may concern:

I will say this now, April is a very highly effective healer and process technician and advocate for the wounded warriors of light. I am in utmost respect, regard and appreciation for her excellent capacity to systematically effect change and the release of stuck energy and disharmonious conditions upon, within and around an entity.

Love and Light!

Christy Renz
P O Box 184
Penryn, Ca. 95665


August 15, 1996

To Whom it May Concern,

I have known April Myrick Since December 11, 1996, when I was calling Reiki Masters to get my Reiki III Attunement. She returned my call promptly and answered all my questions, and the date was set for my Reiki III and my daughter's Reiki I. April arrived with her wonderful, playful energy and brightened the entire room and the Attunements were done. April encouraged us to talk about how and what we felt during the Attunement: to work with the energy: and ask any questions we might have.

I have found April to be very knowledgeable concerning Metaphysical subjects. She has always been willing to answer our questions, and take time to explain things we didn't quite understand. I will forever be thankful to April for tricking me into doing my first Reiki Attunement, when she knew I was ready. I had the students, but I was scared. She very gently, lovingly nudged me beyond my fears; and made me see that I was ready.

I consider myself very lucky to know April she is a true friend, her patience and wisdom are limitless and her friendship is unconditional. I am so very glad that I met her!


Claire Campbell
Tera-Mai Reiki & Seichem Classes
email: teramaimaster@aol.com
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Sandy Springs Chiropractic Center


Ste. B27 Vernon Woods Dr.

Sandy Springs, GA 404-256 5627

Telephone: (404) 256-5627

May 16, 1994

RE: April Myrick

To Whom It May Concern; Ms. April Myrick was employed in my office as a Massage Therapist for approximately 2 years, from 1990 through 1992. She was

particularly adept at restoring muscle tone to patients with cervical injuries. I was very happy with her massage techniques and she was well liked by all her patients.


Tony Prendes, D.C.


4th Degree Zan



By your continued practice and exercise of the elemental forces you have proven your ability to work in the spiritual worlds.

The enclosed certificate is being presented as a token of recognition of your graduation from the 4th degree Zan class and your personal work there after.



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